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Public record, content, and grant research for businesses, nonprofits, and governmental agencies

can you really afford to
Delay your Project?

Hello, busy professional! If you are anything like our typical client, you are a change-maker with bold goals and limited time to achieve them. Like them, do you:


Lack Dedicated Research Time


Feel Overwhelmed

Group of People

Wish YOU had Extra Staff


Don't know where to start

But when the financial stakes are high, who can you turn to?

Your time is money, and delaying projects pushes success further down the road. Worse yet, others may capitalize on your great ideas first! 

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How about a company with a proven track record of producing exceptional results, right when you need them? Perhaps it's time to Rethink Research

Rethink Research Has Experience You Can Trust


"Wendy has a unique talent for finding the numbers, the stories, the trends, the truths, and the soundbites you need and delivering that information in an organized, efficient, and sophisticated manner. We consider Wendy to be our secret strategic weapon and a valued member of our consulting team."

Kate Colbert, President of Silver Tree Communications, and Author of Commencement: The Beginning of a New Era in Higher Education and Think Like a Marketer: How a Shift in Mindset Can Change Everything for Your Business

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Because you really can't afford to wait!

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Wendy davis

Owner/research specialist


Thanks for stopping by to learn more about my company, and how I can help you achieve your organizational objectives through research you can trust. Rethink Research was created to bridge the gap between busy professionals and the morass of data available today. I believe my unique skill set is vital at a time when knowing which sources to trust is challenging.

Life-long learning is second nature to me, which is why I am the perfect person to dive deep into new industries and subject matters. While my background is in criminal justice, I have also conducted research for the healthcare, real estate, energy, legal, employment screening, and educational industries, to name a few.

I have a Master's in Criminal Justice – Forensic Psychology and worked in and around the criminal justice system for 25+ years. My previous company, Lawyer's Resource LLC, provided court research and clerking services to hundreds of satisfied clients and performed well over 1,000,000 public record searches.


One client calls me her "secret strategic weapon." Let's talk about how I can become yours! Please reach out via our email below with questions, or click "Get Quote" to get started.


Wendy Davis


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